So now what?

Summer competitions are over and, unlike the last few years, I’ve decided to forego the Constitution (end of September) and probably The City’s Challenge in December.

Why? Not because of illness, injury, demons or lack of money. Simply because this year I’m doing my Silver Medal checkout. And it’s going to be a doozy. Not only do I need to thoroughly review the six figures in each of the six dances I checked out in last year (for Silver Pin), I need to add two more figures to each dance – let’s see – that’s 36 figures plus 12 new, which brings us to 48 figures.

Oh, but wait – it gets better. I also need to add two additional dances and their corresponding eight figures to the mix. So by my calculations, that means I’ll need to have 64 figures up and running and be able to perform them both with and without The Icon for my checkout, which needs to be completed before our studio’s Trophy Ball in December.

AND …. Seeing as my rhythm seems to have taken on a life of its own, it looks like the time has come to get some choreography going with Mambo and Cha Cha. Needless to say, The Icon will most probably suggest a showcase or two to work out the kinks before the new stuff hits the competition floor, which means having two brand new open routines up and running by January.

Uh, and by the way, did I mention that my closed and open smooth dances are also in need of a little bit of a dust off?

As it stands right now, The Icon has already given me the two new figures for Rumba and one of the two for Foxtrot. I’m scheduled for a coaching with Madame on Thursday, where she’ll assess the current state of my Mambo and from there we’ll start putting together an open routine. Plus, The Icon has agreed to devote part of each upcoming lesson to run through a bit of smooth, just to keep it borderline fresh. This stems from my re-thinking my decision to alternate styles from competition to competition and just go back to doing a little of both at every comp.

Several factors play into my change of tactics. First and foremost, I had thought doing only one style would be saving me a decent chunk of change because I’d only go in for the day and not have to take a hotel room. Nope. Four of the comps I usually participate in have morphed into monsters (NY Dance Festival, TriState Challenge, Manhattan Dancesport and Empire Championships). Where it used to be that my heats were usually later in the morning, or during the evening session, Manhattan and Empire had me starting at 8am. Not to mention my record-breaking hair/make-up appointment for Empire at 4:20am !!!  aarrggghh

Plus, alternating smooth and rhythm from comp to comp hasn’t really worked out because, in spite of the best intentions, one or the other is guaranteed to get left by the wayside. Case in point: the last time I danced smooth was at NY Dance Festival back in February and we all know that unless you stay with something on a regular basis you are going to lose whatever edge you had. I know that bringing it back to that strong, confident level I was dancing at after almost 7 months is going to take some serious work.

So much for thinking I’d be dialing it down a couple of notches !!!!!!!!!! embarrassed




Empire Dance Championship, August 5th, 2016 — held at Marriott Marquis, NYC. It was a monster, almost 7,000 entries ….

Pictures will have to do the talking for this post, because I absolutely have no words. First place in 14 out of 14 dances. This is gonna be a hard act to follow !!!!